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FOR SALE:  Jawa on a Shadow Chassis

*   Jawa model 889 on a jackshaft with fresh rebuild (only 1 race and it won)
          -   New Rod and Bearings (assembled by Cody)
          -   Recoated Cylinder (Millenium Technologies)
          -   New 90 mm Piston
          -   New Valves, Springs and Keepers
          -   New Timing Chain
          -   38 mm Intake Port  and Flowed Head
*   Hilborn Fuel Injection (mechanical)
          -   38 mm Single Stack Throttle Body (Methanol)
          -   Billet Fuel Pump
          -   All Hoses Equiped with AN fittings
          -   High Volume Fuel Filter
*   Tuned Megaphone and Silencer
*   Seay Wedgee Wing
*   New jackshaft belts and idler pulley
*   MyChron 4 Tach
*   7" wide rear rotor with a cooler
*   Easy Clutch Removal
*   Wide RR and RF wheel hubs
*   Removable Steering Wheel
*   Vinyl Cover

Asking $6,000 (over $10K invested)

Selling because driver got a better opportunity


Contact us at 352-684-3653   Ask for Bob....

You are only as good as your last race......

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